Product Code : A- G8

Material : CO-PP

Capacity : 7 Lt

Options: 3 teats – 5 teats

Stok kodu: A-G8 Kategoriler:


It is produced from CO-PP plastic raw material which is suitable for food, does not repel dirt, is easy to clean and resistant to impact. The body design is made of flat forms for easy cleaning and bacteria growth. Liter indicators can be seen inside the body. It can be carried easily thanks to the holding wire. It can be easily mounted to the desired place thanks to the hanging apparatus supplied with it. The pacifier is made of food-grade rubber material. Thanks to its special cut, it does not drip when the calf does not suck. The valve holding the teat acts as a pump when the lamb sucks. In this way, milk output is easy and breastfeeding is provided until the milk in the bucket runs out.


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