Product Code : A-F1

Brush height : 65 cm

Brush Diameter : 50 cm

Chassis : Made of 60x60x4mm Rectangular Steel Tube

Paint: Hot-dip galvanized or static oven paint – optional

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  • Anatomically formed brush, Bristles made of a very solid and special plastic
  • For up to 100 cows. In order that every cow has enough time for brushing and wellness, the ideal cow quantity is 60 cows.
  • Actuation via maintenance-free and heavy-duty gear with gear wheels made of hardened steel.
  • Splash-water-protected and dust-proof motor. An integrated frequency converter saves up to 35% of energy compared to conventional motors with same brush power.
  • Suitable for animals of different size due to pendulum mounting height range ~25 cm)
  • No switch or lifting needed any more. Rotates as long as a cow gets brushed. The brush continues to rotate further 20 s after the cow’s brushing. With every start the brush rotates in the opposite direction, for an even bristle wear.
  • Resistance reverse mechanism: Ingönder case of an overload situation e.g. wound up tail, the brush stops automatically and changes direction of rotation
  • Brush ready-for-connection, for indoor and outdoor use (in a yard under a small shelter)


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